Founded in 1989, E. G. Technology, originally of Livingston, New Jersey, is a total solution provider of information technologies. Our customer base includes the Fortune 1000, growing small to mid-size companies, government agencies and non-profit organizations. In March of 2022, E. G. Technology moved to Parsippany, New Jersey.

We recognize information technology as a vital resource for any organization to succeed. Our mission is to deliver this technology to our customers in the most cost effective and reliable manner, while meeting their information requirements.

Networking: Detailed design, planning, implementation, and management are all part of creating a reliable information system.

PC Service: Maintenance, timely upgrades, and rapid turnaround are our recipe for keeping your systems up and running.

Printer Service: Repair and preventative maintenance of your Hewlett Packard™ business-class laser printers will ensure your crucial documents are generated in a timely fashion.

PC Hardware: The building blocks of today’s computing environment, quality-configured systems are the foundation of any reliable information system.

Internet Services: From web design and hosting, to configuration of high-speed access, we provide all your company needs to utilize the Internet, or create a presence on the World Wide Web.

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