PC Hardware

The PC is the building block of today’s computing environment; an appropriately configured, high quality server, desktop system or notebook is the foundation of any dependable information system. Buying too little, or too much, can negatively impact your investment.

We will work with you to determine your requirements. This means understanding your current needs, your expectations for future growth, and the need to adopt new technologies as they emerge. Designing your PCs around your needs is a key element in maximizing the return on your investment.

We offer custom built solutions ranging from entry level to high-end, including desktop systems, graphics workstations, and multiple processors servers utilizing the latest motherboard and processor technologies from Intel. All of our systems use the highest quality, industry standard components, such as: ATI and nVidia-based video adapters and Seagate hard disk drives. Custom building allows you to purchase exactly the system you need to meet your requirements.

In addition to custom configuration, we offer complete lines of products from many major manufacturers. Offerings by companies such as Lenovo, Hewlett Packard and Intel round out our offerings, providing you with the widest range of possible choices.

We also offer a full line of accessories and peripherals to meet your needs for new technologies. Scanners, back-up solutions, printers, input devices and speakers are among our many offerings. “If you don’t see it, just ask, we can get it!”


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