Printer Service

Reliable printing is the life-blood of your business. Despite media claims that the “paperless office” is right around the corner, if you cannot produce a professional, hard-copy document, your business or organization suffers.

EG Technology recognizes the crucial importance of “no-hassle” printing to your organization. To that end, we are pleased to offer professional printer sales, installation, service and repair.

As an authorized Hewlett Packard™, Okidata™ and Zebra™ reseller, EG Technology will examine your printing needs and recommend a “right-sized” printing solution, from an entry level business-class laser printer, to a specialized label or bar code printer, to high-capacity workgroup printing solutions.

To keep your printers running reliably, EG Technology is pleased to offer Hewlett Packard™ authorized repair and service. Please contact us at (973) 535-6480 for details.


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